Our farm means more than just organic farming…


The rural landscape of the valley of the temples

Our farm is situated in one of the most beautiful rural landscape of the Mediterranean area: the protected area of the Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Valley of the Temples, an UNESCO World Heritage Site and since 2022 candidate to be registered in the Italian National Rural Landscape Register.

The history of fattoria dei templi

The farm’s site has been used since thousands of years because of its fertility and of the abundance of fresh water. It is situated at a distance of a few hundred metres from the Mediterranean sea on a large plain protected from the winds.

The research

The different current projects aim at creating an “agricultural organism”, very innovating with regard to the climate change issues and the food production “farm to fork”. Studying, saving and preserving the complex rural landscape of the Valley of the Temples is another research objective.

The project partners

Thanks to our Partners we are realizing this big project

Scientific Staff

To develop this project we draw on the best expertise

The educational farm

The Educational Farm of Valle dei Templi is an innovative multichannel reality for the detailed study of themes that are not reserved to a territory but to life on our planet. Each episode lasts a few minutes and it is possible to request their vision on demand on our channels or on the main internet televisions.

The collection field

In our collection field we grow currently

vegetables varieties